The first time I was in Paris, I had an iPhone. It was a handy thing, what with having maps and GPS and actually working in Europe. This time, I have a “Droid X2,” which uses something called “CDMA,” which is meaningless and doesn’t work in Europe. So any time I want to look at online things like maps and routing software, I need a wifi connection. Which basically means the phone is staying in the hotel room like a good little paperweight, because hunting for wifi is tiresome on a good day.

That’s a very long way of excusing myself for getting lost roughly eight times today. Not really a record, but I’m sure the late-night walk home from dinner with an old Nashville friend/coworker was three times longer than it had to be.

And I really don’t mind at all. Give me a decent paper map and couple dozen hours to explore, and I may still get lost, but I’ll enjoy every single block traveled.

Four more full days in Paris, none of them planned. If you have favorite spots you think we should visit, let me know! We tend to avoid the usual touristy stuff, so suggestions for brilliant or unusual museums, stores, parks, and restaurants are very welcome.