Arriving at the hotel at 8:00am meant we didn’t really have a place to stay. We expected this, so we left the bags at the hotel and headed out for the day. It rained rather a lot, although technically it was snow until about 9:00am. We took the tube to the London Bridge station and started walking. As the rain came and went and came and went, eventually it got strong enough to force us to take cover and warm up at the Tate Modern gallery, which is built inside an old power plant.

The largest room/gallery has an enormous installation in it called TH.2058, a sort of mash-up of distopian futures.

We also took a walk around the big Harrod’s department store across the Thames from the Tate. It was very department storish. Compared to, say, Macy’s in NYC’s Midtown, I’d say Harrod’s had much more expensive cars parked around it. Bentleys were a dime a dozen, and we saw a couple Aston Martins, a few Maseratis, and (of course?) a Maybach. The really down-on-their luck shoppers who drove in just had top-of-the-line Range Rovers. (Including one with left hand drive. That made no sense at all, given it had domestic tags.)

After a very long nap at the hotel to try to get our internal clocks reset, we headed out again at 8pm for dinner, then caught the tube to Piccadilly Circus to walk around and see the other tourists lights. We ended up wandering around the Soho district looking for somewhere to stop for a drink. When we turned a particular corner, we were greeted by what gut instinct suggested was an attack of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Turns out it was just Christmas decor in Soho.